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“When we were launching our boutique hotel brand, the name that struck us to collaborate with us won this journey was Devi Lecchi. Having worked with Devi on multiple occasions under a different era, we knew we could not go wrong selecting her company to dress up the interiors of the Fitzroy Hotel curated by Fable Hotel and Resorts currently ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor for Auckland Central hotels.

From the consultation phase through to the handover to the hotel management team, Devi was there guiding, inspiring and extracting exactly what we wanted to see in our hotel product in order to be able to deliver us the product we envisioned for our brand. The compliments by guests and persons within the industry for the final product reinforces our belief that partnering with Devi on this journey was the right decision.

Recommending Devi and Mandala Design is a privilege for us, and we look forward to our next collaboration together.”



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